Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is intended to increase the breast volume by introducing a mammal implant. The objective is to get breast volumes proportional to the individual body size, height and weight. There are many shapes and sizes of mammal implants; they are made of a silica membrane filled with silica jelly, physiologic serum or hydrogel. We use only MATRIX anatomical shape, textured gel implants, tailored for each particular patient.

The intervention is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts for about 45-60 minutes. The incision is made in the under-mammal ditch (where the breast joints the chest) or around the mammal areola. The implant can be positioned directly under the mammal gland or, most frequently, under the pectoral muscle.

The dissection is made with a bipolar radio-plasma Ellman forceps, invented and patented by Dr. Stan, which provides a prospective dissection with the coagulation of the blood vessels before their bleeding, protects the tissues and against burns and observes the ends of the nerves.

Immediately after surgery, the breast shall have a normal aspect and consistency. The patient does not need to wear compressive bandages or drain tubes but a small plaster to cover the incision. In 95% of the cases, our patients have no post-surgery pain, so they do not require company when leaving the clinic and can resume their social and professional activity after 24 hours.

The final shape and size of the breast shall be installed after 1 month from the surgery, when the inflammation has completely vanished and the implant has slightly descended. The duration of the results cannot be guaranteed for a lifetime. The breast, like any other organ of the body, undergoes changes in time: they can modify the post-surgery shape and size. The prosthesis is lifetime guaranteed from the perspective of their integrity.

The Consultation:

Surgical Technique:

Extract from Specific consideration in communication with the breast augmentation patient presentation, hold on Akademikliniken's Fifth International Aesthetic Symposium Beauty Through Science, Stockholm, June 11st-13rd, 2009:

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