About Us

In 1992, the first private centre in Romania providing surgical and hospitalisation services was established in Bacau Medical Service Clinic

Our main activity is the aesthetic surgery but in addition to that you can address in full trust for various specialist medical services as: gynaecology (including deliveries), O.R.L., dermatology, general and paediatric surgery.

The original structure included one surgery room, 3 side-rooms and 2 examination rooms. In 1999 the centre significantly developed to 15 beds, 2 surgery rooms, one delivery room, and one examination polyclinic.

In 2002, Dr. Constantin STAN opened another centre Villa Bella in Bucharest, thus giving an answer to the patients who required an easier contact with our services.

The over 10-year experience gathered by Dr. Constantin STAN in the area of aesthetic surgery was mirrored by the mass-media through many articles underlining the most important and relevant moments in our activity, as well as the impact of the patients' visit to our centre.

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